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Review Daqin 3D Mobile Phone Skin Layout System was created by Daqin Mobile Prink in 2002, which will be the first system that making customized decoration and protection of the electronic devices, like making customized skins for mobile phones. The professionals develop the core data of the templates with the following procedure: scan the device and then get the buy oem software information of the front, back, side, top and underside. Create the template info on the basic principles of workable, sensible, refined, etcat are protective The system can be used for design and make custom mobile phone stickers of ANY brand/model of mobile phone. The system contains: Daqin 3D cellular beauty master applications, gallery book, high resolution photo printer, laminator (optional), high-precision cutter and various substances for making decals. The making process is easy: Select model? Pick pattern? laminate?cut?Paste? With the system, it is possible to make custom stickers, custom decals, custom cell phone stickers, cellphone skins, mobile skins and mobile phone cases for example iphone cases. Market Value 1. Big market, great market prospect.

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Stylish, customized, unique, this job will never out of date, mobile phones and other electronic devices users are keeping growing. Little investment, high gain. The profit is normally several times as well as tons of times compared to the price. Elastic business practice, small working place, normally at the counter or the store, online shop is not more difficult to use. No worry of stock, create in accordance with the requirement. About Writer: Cellphone skins, Custom Stickers and custom Cell Phone decals are the Mobile Phone Skin Layout System that is popular and these bargains are offered on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK. п»ї

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